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W.I.P. Wednesday: Honouring MamaFish 13 May 2009

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Back in March, Shellyfish of Musings from the Fishbowl fame, asked for some help making her Mama feel special this year – the 60th year of her life (or is it the 61st year if she just turned 60?).  Anyway, I thought that any Mama of a Shellyfish was certainly worthy of some love.  So, I raised my hand and volunteered.

This week it’s my turn to ship a smile MamaFish’s way, and just in time for Work In Progress Wednesday, too…

Over the past weeks I’ve been collecting a little potpourri of treats for her.  First there was a hand-made magnet of raffia and red chili peppers that JumbleSon picked up at the Farmer’s Market in Las Cruces, NM to give her a little taste of the Southwest.  ME Chair Bowlies

As a former Midwesterner, I am a card-carrying member of the Mary Engelbreit fan club – even though it terrifies JumbleSpouse who thinks she’s of the devil…what, I ask you, could possibly be construed as evil about this woman’s work??  All I know is that he’s never forgiven her for saying “Life is just a chair full of bowlies.”

Anyway, I thought MamaFish (also a Midwesterner) might appreciate a few ME stickers, as I’m sure she is a better judge of character when it comes to those who “bloom where they’re planted” than JumbleMan.

To top it off, I pulled out my trusty copy of Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal and prepared to make Bath Tea.

This is technically her recipe for baby bath tea (with a little touch of my own magic), but doesn’t Mama’s skin deserve the same gentle touch as an infant’s?  Yes! I say.

IMG_4873In a past life I would have had all the ingredients in my own garden to make this fresh.  Alas!  Now I had to run to my local apothecary and purchase them.  Happily, however, most are harvested locally.

I worked at dusk (which is why the photos are so dark) and left the bowl of fragrant goodness out to bask in the full moon for a few hours to add some powerful feminine energy.

I simply mixed all the dried ingredients together in a large bowl.

7 oz. rolled oats (my addition to Rosemary’s recipe) – for soothing, softening, anti-inflammatory

2 oz. calendula (Calendual officinalis) – for relieving skin irritations or burns

2 oz. chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) – for soothing, anti-inflammatory

2 oz. comfry leaf (Symphytum officinale) – for soothing inflammation in tissues and joints

2 oz. roses (Rosa canina) – for looking pretty and smelling nice

1 oz. lavender (Lavandula spp.) – for relieving tension, stress and insomnia


It smells as lovely as it looks!  Just a couple of tablespoons in a reusable muslin bag will make her many a relaxing bath.  I’m not sure how many cups this recipe makes, but I’m guessing around ten.

I really wanted to embroider something on the “tea” bag, but couldn’t work out how to get my hand inside it to do the stitching (ok, and I haven’t worked out how to embroider either, but who’s counting?!?).  Guess I could have made my own drawstring bag, but I’ll save such a project for another W.I.P.

For now, I’m wishing MamaFish a Happy 60th, and you & my fellow WIPsters a blessed day.


10 Responses to “W.I.P. Wednesday: Honouring MamaFish”

  1. Mon Says:

    Oh what a lovely package she will recieve! I can smell that mama bath mic from here. :)

  2. Carmen Says:

    What a great package! She’ll love it I’m sure :) (I’m not sure how one couldn’t) ;)

  3. Maria Rose Says:

    Great gifts! Isn’t that such fun! I love Shellyfish for doing such a sweet thing.

    I will say I am with your hubby on the Anti-ME train, not because I have a problem with her work, but because of bad associations made while working at Hallmark (Hellmark). Many a lunatic pushed me out of the way to get to our ME stash.

  4. lotus Says:

    bath teas are splendid :)
    what a fun thing to do for someone!

    M.E. of the devil. . . laughing laughing. I adore her, but, maybe it’s a female thing ;)

  5. shellyfish Says:

    This is the sweetest post ever my Jumblefriend, and I just feel so moved by the love and effort you put into my mamma’s gift. I want to give her the link to this post, but I’ll wait until she gets your gift so I don’t spoil the surprise. I am so blessed to have me such beautiful friends through the blogosphere. Thank you so much for sending such love to my mother.

  6. Lisa Says:

    What a lovely lovely gift. You really are such a wonderful and generous person S! I am still laughing about the devil and the “chair full of bowlies!”

  7. Oh that’s gorgeous, you are such a creative lady! I bet it smells divine :)

  8. Docwitch Says:

    That looks so beautiful! What a gorgeous blend – she’s bound to love it.

    If you ever want to embroider something in future, you can always iron on a template to a large square of muslin, embroider the design and then make up a little bag. ‘Broiderin’ is the easiest thing too, (check out http://www.sublimestitching.com for very cool patterns and unintimidating tips. Warning: it’s highly addictive once you get started.

  9. Mrs Boho Says:

    What a lovely gift. Your bath mix looks absolutely gorgeous. Hope you are having a great week … :0)

    Shirl x

  10. Mamafish Says:

    Oh, my, what a box of happiness! I absolutely loved everything. The little bluebird bookmark…love to read, so will use it, the stickers…am still laughing at the “If you pray for rain, be prepared to deal with some mud!”….too true, and thanks to Max for the magnet, which I have moved a few times to find the best spot on the fridge, and, you can’t know how timely your bath tea was. I had a great fall 12 days ago, and have only been able to get in the tub for the last 3 days for a nice soak. I tried out the tea tonight, and it was sooo sothing. You have blessed my heart more than you can know. Love from Mamafish

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