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Lazy Vegan Meal Plan Monday 10 May 2009

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How was your Mother’s Day??IMG_4870

It rained and was cloudy here all day. Luscious!

The JumbleBoys made me Nom!Nom!Nom! French Toast MuffinsIMG_4865 for breakfast. Then JumbleDad took the little one out to the park for a few hours while I snuggled with the cats and read some Jane Austen.

When they returned, they helped clean up around the house a bit before setting off to the library with promises to bring back a sweet treat. I fantasized about life in Gregorian/Regency-period England, drank cheap red wine, ate chocolate, and soaked up the quiet while pondering this crazy thing called Motherhood.

But enough frivolity, on with the plan…

I’ve felt quite liberated, without feeling deprived of all my usual gourmet flourishes, in my new “I’m not cooking much” state. Not that I’m using that time to pack as I’d planned, however. Just enjoying the rest, having decent meals with little effort and a lot less clean up.

Burger Monday: Madeira-glazed portobello burgers, carrots & tater puffs (eeeew!)

Souper Tuesday: Grilled vegveeta (I think there will be vegveeta in my life weekly from here on out) sammiches with Imagine creamy tomato & basil soup (that’s right…soup in a box. Why not give it a go?)

Whatever Wednesday: Happy Vegan Face maple bourbon glazed tempeh, quinoa and roasted broccoli

Carry out Thursday: Chipotle black bean burritos

Pub Grub Friday: Hummus pizza (thanks for the brilliant inspiration HalfPintPixie)

Sari Saturday: Vegan Mania Chana Saag Aloo (thanks for the head’s up HPP)

Leftovers Sunday

For more menu plans, head over to I’m an Organizing Junkie.


7 Responses to “Lazy Vegan Meal Plan Monday”

  1. Kris Says:

    Yay for muffins! I love that Imagine Tomato & Basil soup. It’s SOOOO good. I usually default to eating it with saltines.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. shellyfish Says:

    Sounds like a pretty groovy Mother’s Day to me! I so want to try that Vegveeta, but would have to use something other than the cashews…must think…

  3. Maria Rose Says:

    Sounds lovely. I need to come up with my meal plan as well.

    Happy belated Mother’s Day!!

  4. Andrea Says:

    I always have a hard time getting up to make myself lunch for the day, but I think your ideas for meals are pretty easy. I think that you should check out some of the recipes I’ve found at http://www.rawpeople.com/?utm_source=A&utm_medium=B&utm_campaign=C to keep from starving when lazy too!

  5. ruthie Says:

    Wow, i really like the idea of a “not cooking too much” stint!! thank you, thank you for you lovely comment on my faerietale of inspiration blog! that was sooo lovely, i do wonder if its worth the effort sometimes!! Sounds as though you had a fab mothers day ( over here Mothers day was in march!!) x

  6. Lisa Says:

    What a lovely day, which Austen book??? I’m laughing at your “not cooking much state,” I go through phases too, sometimes I cook like a madwoman and the hubby wonders where “Lisa” has gone, right now I’m not cooking so much. Too many other things to do. I have to check out vegveeta though.

    BTW, Araina wears Red Tulip everyday. She loves her. And she tells everybody that “Jumbleberry made it.” It’s so funny, people always say “Who?” after she says that.

    Good luck with the packing. ;)

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