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Instant Vegan Meal Plan Monday 4 May 2009

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And so it begins…

The plan is to spend May seriously job hunting and packing (with a side of crafting). This means that all the time I used to happily spend cooking and begrudgingly cleaning up afterward will now be devoted to other things.

Because I am totally impaired when it comes to throwing a meal together (quickly) based on what’s in the fridge/pantry, I resort to instant meals when short on time.

Here’s what I mean:

Monday: Fantastic Falafel on Pita with Tomato & Sprouts

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday:Vegan Libre Cashew “Cheese” and Spinach-stuffed Manicotti (dried) smothered in Whole Foods 365 Pasta Sauce, and maybe something green (but no guarantees)

Thursday: Thai carry out

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Vegan Pantry Sundried Tomato Pesto as pizza base on Whole Foods Whole Wheat Pizza Crust, topped with pine nuts and artichokes

Sunday: Two Vegan Boys Orange & Cranberry Granola with almond milk and/or Popcorn unless the JumbleBoys take me out to dinner ;-)

Treat of the Week: Even if we don’t go out on Mother’s Day, I’m hoping they’ll make me Nom!Nom!Nom! French Toast Muffins, and maybe we can have a picnic brunch someplace pretty.


6 Responses to “Instant Vegan Meal Plan Monday”

  1. Docwitch Says:

    This looks like a great menu! And I’m definitely going to make me some o’ that sundried tomato pesto! My word, yes.

  2. lisa Says:

    I LOVE falafel! Yum!

  3. lotus Says:

    well, that sounds very delicious :)
    And I can’t believe it is happening. . .that your move is so up and coming. It’s nearly upon you! How EXCITING!
    The PNW has been without you for far too long. Bringing your son back to that place will be such a joyful experience!

  4. clutterlibrarian Says:

    We’re not vegan, but many of the recipes you share look super yum. (I love falafel!)

  5. Maria Rose Says:

    I think you prove that even quick vegan meals can be very yummy! I tend to lean towards pastas when I am feeling pressed for time.

  6. shellyfish Says:

    Those French Toast Muffins caught my eye, too! Everything sounds delicious, especially that falafel!

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