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Sweetness & Light Saturday 14 March 2009

Filed under: Sweetness and Light Saturdays — Rain @ 5:00 am

Happy Saturday! What’s touched your heart, soul or tastebuds this week? Here’s just a few goodies from my week:

Ursa Freedom Project (thank you)
Hedgehogs in Love (sigh)
Tight Knits (if anyone wants to knit these for me, I’ll provide the yarn ;-)
Wildcraft (I’m not a “game” person, but this one is right up my alley)
Vegan Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies (be still, my artery-clogged heart)
Rockin’ Restaurant Review (I won’t make you jealous by telling you how close I’ll be living to this restaurant in just a few months)


3 Responses to “Sweetness & Light Saturday”

  1. Mon Says:

    Ooh, good links. i’m going to try something like that brownie PB thingy. YUM!

    Never heard of the Ursa Freedom project. Thanks!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Hi :-)

    What’s touching my heart = a hubby who traveled 100+ miles yesterday to pick up our new (gently used, a gift from my aunt) KING SIZED bed!
    While I worked at Peace Things, he made the trip and put everything together. Today, he and his brother will finish the rest of the mattress swap(s) within our house, while I take a hot mustard bath, read, rest, and recuperate. Ahhhhh….

    What’s touching my soul = people (myself included) discovering and speaking their truths. Authentic living at its finest and the INCREDIBLE power it brings.

    And my tastebuds = masaman curry, cinnamon/sugar coated almonds, formosa nut oolong tea, and tonight it will be kitchari :-)

  3. shellyfish Says:

    I was so dazed by those cute little hedgies that I forgot to leave you a comment the other day. Sillyfish!

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