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She wakes 1 March 2009

Filed under: Crafty,Seasonal Musings — Rain @ 5:00 am
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King Winter sleeps. Persephone rises from the Netherworld and beckons Spring.



9 Responses to “She wakes”

  1. Shirl Says:

    Lovely work! … :0)

  2. shellyfish Says:

    Trop belle! J’adore!
    I see some crainted (is that a word?) edges there, Ms. J… :)

  3. Krys Says:

    Glad you liked the soup. :)

  4. She’s fabulous! Well done :)

  5. KTMama Says:

    Beautiful! Hey, do you have the book The Storyteller’s Goddess? Full of lovely goddess stories suitable for kids including a WONDERFUL version of the Persephone story.

  6. Lotus Says:

    her hair adorned with flowers. . . she’s wonderful.

  7. breedermama Says:

    How lovely! :) Great job!

  8. lisa Says:

    She is really lovely! I used to make wee folk all of the time…haven’t made them for over a ye

  9. lisa Says:

    sorry about that last comment, my touchpad is annoyingly sensitive! You’ve inspired me to make some wee folk. My little ladies will be greatful! :)

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