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De-Thinging Thursday 26 February 2009

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img_30681First, the King Cake – to help you through this post :-)

I can’t believe it’s Thursday again.  And still no word on the work/move dealio (and there won’t be until next week).  My patience is wearing thin and I’m going a bit stir-crazy.  Thankfully, I have much de-thinging to do to keep me busy…

Last week YTD Total #De-Thinged: 579

19 February 2009

Calendar says, “Sort one pile of paper.”

1 pile – recycling

1 pile – into the Dread Closet of Doom for dealing with later (always later)

Daily count: 1

20 February 2009

Calendar says, “Clean off left side of the desk.”

Done.  Nothing leaving the house.  Thankfully, it’s Friday, so I’m back in the frig & pantry:

2 containers leftovers – rubbish

2 bags stinky dried mushrooms – rubbish

1 bag chow mein noodles & 1 bundle udon noodles – freecycled

Daily count:  5

21 February 2009

Calendar says, “Clean off right side of desk.”

That’s JumbleSpouses domain and I don’t dare touch it.  I’ll just forage around the house and see what I can find today…

1 broken humidifier – rubbish

22 February 2009

Calendar says, “Nurture a relationship.”

Whether I go to Seattle now or in 3-4 months, I really don’t want to leave this place with a bad taste in my mouth.  So, I need to make peace.  I’ve come close a time or two, but nothing img_3027sticks.

Decided to spend the morning at Red Rocks attending a drumming session.  When we arrived, these crazy people had taken over the stage and were blaring loud (but surprisingly good) music and spewing sweat everywhere while the mild-mannered drummers tried to set up in the middle of it all.  We learned that the fitness freaks folks would be there until naptime (the drumming will be rescheduled in the future).

Still it was a gorgeous day and JumbleBoy had fun climbing the rocks to the beat of his own drumming (we had our djembe on hand).  And I got some good pictures.  While I definitely felt like I was nurturing my relationship with this environment, peace is still out of reach.  Maybe next week.

23 February 2009

Calendar says, “Declutter Valentines decorations before storing them.”

We don’t really do much in the way of decorating for ♥ Day…just whatever crafts/cards come our way and those all go into our life archives (I know, I still haven’t written about those yet…I will, I promise!).  So, I’m going to dive into our bedroom closet once again.

Even though I de-thinged 113 items from it back in January, it still looks like this:

Closet before

Closet before

Believe it or not, this is not the Dread Closet of Doom. Oh, no!  That one’s worse.  Much worse…

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got…

1 decorative, brand-new  pillow – offered to Shanti’s daughter

12 pieces of JumbleSon’s too-small clothing (too cute to pass on just yet) – storage

16 pieces of JumbleSon’s too-small clothing – Parenting Place/Hospice Thrift Store donation

2 pairs pants – Hospice Thrift Store donation

1 backpack – Hospice Thrift Store donation

2 tiny disposable diapers – offered to Shanti

Daily count:  22 items leaving my home

24 February 2009

Calendar says, “Spend 15 minutes in closet in kid’s room.”

So, back to the bedroom closet it is!

1 sweater – Thrift store

2 button-up  shirts – Thrift store

1 sweatshirt – Thrift store

7 child’s clothes hangers – Thrift store

4 t-shirts – stored away for future quilt-making

Daily count:  11 things leaving the house

25 February 2009

Calendar says, “Go through kid’s dresser – any clothes outgrown?”

One more day in the closet should do it…

8 shirts/sweaters – Thrift store

1 box full of ~100 (conservative estimate) pieces of pre-18 month clothing – The Parenting Place donation…Moonbeam does not approve.img_3072

12 pairs of black dress socks – Thrift store

6 pairs of underwear – rubbish

3 orphan socks – rubbish

Daily count:  129

And now my closet looks like this:

Closet after

Closet after

I still have to get JumbleSpouse to go through his HUGE pile o’sweaters at some stage.  But, we’ve made excellent progress this week.

Weekly count: 169

Total YTD # De-Thinged:  748

Anyone else still doing a New Year’s purge?  If so, how’s it going?  Any trouble spots?  Successes to celebrate?


8 Responses to “De-Thinging Thursday”

  1. twoveganboys Says:

    Yes, we are still doing New Year’s purging. I swear everytime I clean one mess I find another. It is like gremlins multiplying once the water was added. Oy.

  2. Maria Rose Says:

    I am in a constant state of purging. Now a bit more fervently as we are planning to move in the not too distant future!

  3. shellyfish Says:

    I think the tiny little apartments I’ve lived in the past 8 years have helped me to keep clutter to a minimum. That being said, I do have quite a few boxes in my parent’s attic in the US, but they are filled mostly with books. I did a very harsh sort of de-thinging about 10 years ago, and haven’t accumulated too much since.
    I saw moonbeam’s picture and for just a sec was worried that you were dethinging her!

  4. breedermama Says:

    The basement still looms large and in charge as a trouble spot. Your closet looks lovely dear!

  5. Mon Says:

    The after closet looks great!

    Is this calendar one you ceated or bought?

    I’m a perpetual purger and de-clutterer, so have little in the way of that. I did our big one, like you, just before we sold the house and left England. It’s amazing what you accumulate even when you’re always decluttering! Felt gooooood.

  6. hannah Says:

    That closet after made me yawp . :D
    I know how GOOD that felt to do that!!!
    I’m sad that I’ve not counted my de-thinging, and de cluttering and haven’t documented more of the process (I’ve photo’ed some of the before/after, but not as thoroughly as you have).

    My purge is on going as well. The real beasts are the: window storage cupboard under the window seat
    and the garage. (oh dear me. I will need support and lots of chocolate that day.).
    I have a snafu in that what I’m truly striving for is 1.organization.
    2. a simplistic atmosphere that is not oppressive
    The decluttering is only a step in this process.
    I need to get a few items to help me organize (which means hunting for craig’s list gems or purchasing). I’m at a stand still bcz I don’t know what I need precisely and am trying to figure this important step out. I don’t want to bring in more that I don’t need an I want the most efficient system. :/

  7. hannah Says:

    Hm. . .I don’t see anyone representing my group in the redrockfanatics (er, fitness). Too bad I’m not there to represent me and those like me ;)

  8. Impressive!
    I’ve only tackled a little purging because I’ve been waiting until I start packing for our move. Now that is finally getting closer and I’m not sure where to start. I just need to dive in and get it done.

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