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Moving Beyond Mardi Gras 24 February 2009

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mardi-gras1 Fat Tuesday is here!  And I am feeling it.  This time last year I was nearly 15 pounds lighter.  If only I was one of those people who stopped eating when depressed!  But, in typical Jumbled form, I just stuff my face like mad.  As this day of revelry comes to an end, so must my sad feeding frenzy.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lovely Blisschick post.  She suggests planting positive seeds this Lenten season.

I was not raised Catholic, so I don’t necessarily have any negative associations with it.  To the contrary, I rather like the idea of giving up something for 40 days each year.  The first time I tried it, I celebrated Carne vale style (from the Latin meaning “farewell meat”) by going vegetarian.  That has been one of the most happy abstinence experiences of my life.

This year, I feel a strong need to move beyond letting go, and look towards holding on to and reclaiming pieces of myself so that I can move on to the real work at hand – reinventing myself.

Most of the “old me” was shattered with JumbleSon’s birth.  But there are parts that I should not try to live without:

  • daily running meditations
  • eating healthy foods in moderation
  • limiting chocolate consumption
  • foregoing comparisons

Especially during difficult times, I must have these things.   While I have ideas about how I might bring these things back in to my life, I can not see how they will actually manifest into reality.  So, I must go to work.

Starting this new moon I will lay the groundwork over the next 40 days for reclaiming the healthy pieces of myself.  And perhaps the woman behind the mask will one day reveal her true Self once more.

How about you?  Do you use the Lenten Season (or any other time of the year) to reflect on, and/or recreate yourself?  If so, what are you working on this year?  What can’t you live without?


12 Responses to “Moving Beyond Mardi Gras”

  1. shellyfish Says:

    What an honest and sincere post. I am actually giving a few things up for Lent, though I’m not Catholic. Mostly in memory of my Grandmother. I think that when we give birth, we are also reborn, though it is more of a process of ‘after birth’. I wish you well in your exercise of reclaiming. You can do it – sometimes it’s the smallest shifts that reap the greatest rewards.

  2. cat Says:

    wow..your post really touched me. i have been going through depression for over a year now after losing 2 babes in a row last year. i too packed on some extra weight and now have 15 pounds i don’t want. reinventing is a wonderful idea and your post is truly inspiring. i never do lent and i was raised catholic, but i like the idea of just reinventing myself. maybe doing one new thing a day no matter how big or small.

    thank you so much my new friend for your words…they really mean something to me and have touched my core. i needed the boost! much love…

  3. hannah Says:

    I won’t use this as my platform. Let me just say this: how I relate.
    To everything.
    I’m in the stages of writing about My Own, (taking days because the topic is of such importance to me, and my children are incessantly in need of me– as is their right).
    yours was to the point, well written– and I especially appreciate
    the connection of feeling The Fat Tuesday, and of reclaiming yourself.

  4. I’m in a figurative limbo waiting for our move and struggling with trying to keep my personal “self” goals intact. My suggestion would be to focus on short amounts of time in the present and slowly achievements will add up.

  5. Maria Rose Says:

    You know I have never liked the idea of giving things up at Lent, at least not in the sense that you are giving up a bad habit. I feel like the reason for giving something up should be a sacrifice, not just 40 days of pretending you don’t have bad habits. When people tell me they’re giving up fast food (or whatever) for Lent I can hardly control my eye roll. If you are going to give something up, Lent should be a staring point to a) move forward and beyond a bad habit b) give up something because you respect what has been given up for you.
    Sounds like that’s exactly what you’re doing.

  6. Maria Rose Says:

    Oh and please don’t give up blogging for Lent.

  7. jumbleberryjam Says:

    Thanks so much for all your kind words and shared thoughts. *hugs*

  8. Best of luck jumbleydear, I know what you mean, I often struggle to find the “me” inside the “mommeeeee”, sometimes I feel like it is weeks since I’ve seen me! I don’t do Lent, I was raised Catholic but Lent has always just been a time to give up chewing gum or chocolate around here, I like your take on it better. *hugs*

  9. breedermama Says:

    Last year at this time I was almost 30 lbs lighter… but I am much happier this year. I’m trying to get on the “foregoing comparisons” wagon, but it’s a hard habit to break. For Lent perhaps I will put in a good faith effort on that (even though I’m a unitarian..not catholic at all).

  10. Lisa Says:

    Book suggestions for you (from the Wellness Coach part of me):

    Nourishing Wisdom
    The Slow Down Diet

    both by Marc David

  11. […] I think I need to focus what little energy I have on other things right now. The house is ready to pack up save the Dread Closet of Doom, so I’m calling it quits for a bit while I work on some internal de-cluttering. […]

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