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De-thinging Thursday 19 February 2009

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Last week’s YTD Total # De-thinged:  526

12 February 2009

Calendar says, “Declutter one kitchen drawer.”

2 wax-covered towels – rubbish

3 plastic forks – rubbish

2 sets of corn cob holding prong thingies – thrift store

1 vegetable peeler – thrift store

3 beginning baby feeding thingies – storage

Daily count:  8 things leaving my house

13 February 2009

Calendar says, “Declutter one kitchen drawer.”

The Drawer of the Day didn’t really have much, just 4 wrinkled paper napkins (relegated to the craft shelf) and a tiny hot-pad holder I bought from adorable little girls selling them at the market (added to JumbleSon’s play kitchen).  Thankfully, Friday was saved by

Bonus: Weekly frig maintenance.

2 food-stuffs – rubbish

1 bowl of leftovers – eaten

1 bowl of leftovers – given to Angeliki

Daily count:  4

14 February 2009

Calendar says, “Clean out the freezer.”

7 freezer burn victims – rubbish

10 bags/containers of veggie snips & snails – converted into yummy vegetable broth and returned to freezer (note: no snails were harmed in the making of this broth)

Daily count: 7 items leaving my home

15 February 2009

Calendar says, “What are you feeling?”

Ummm, well?  Lots of things, but I suppose I should keep it on-topic.  So about this de-thinging process?  Really good (so long as I don’t think of the dread Closet of Doom).

16 February 2009

Calendar says, “Go through towels and turn ratty ones into rags.”

We did this last move and, surprisingly, we have only 1 that is rag-worthy.  However, our rag back overfloweth already, so this one’s for the rubbish bin.  I also wondered around and grabbed a few more things…

1 rag – rubbish

1 dry-erase board (permanently stained with orange marker) – rubbish

1 granny-esque crystal bowl with tiny chip – thrift store

Daily count:  3

17 February 2009

Calendar says, “Discard old medication in medicine cabinet.”

The date-checking revealed nothing – nada. Must have taken care of that during my bathroom purge.   So, I scanned the house looking for a spot in need of de-cluttering and chose the corner full of shrink-wrap (used to bundle our firewood – please no flames…I know it’s hideous that we buy firewood wrapped in plastic and then leave it wadded up in a corner right next to the fireplace – please don’t call the fire marshal, this is just where we are right now).

2 bags of plastic wrap – rubbish

Daily count: 2

18 February 2009

Calendar says, “Put office supplies not needed at the moment on a shelf out of the way.”

Now, how is this helpful in my de-cluttering process??  Just shuffling stuff.  That’s my special skill that got me into this mess to begin with!

So, what shall it be today?  I’m scanning ahead in the calendar (even though I fear getting off track)…I don’t think there’s going to be much progress made if I stick with it over the next few weeks.  So, I either move to the Dread Closet of Doom, or finish off the kitchen as it’s very close to being move-ready!  You know which one I’m going to choose…the kitchen!

1 crystal candlestick w/out a match – thrift store

1 shot glass – thrift store

1 vase w/crack – rubbish

4 wine glasses – given to Molly

1 grocery bag full of ~20 recycled baking/food containers (for play kitchen) – recycled/rubbish

2 olive oil tins – rubbish

Daily count: 29

Weekly count: 53

YTD Total #De-Thinged: 579

I hereby proclaim the kitchen De-Thinged and Ready to Pack!

This calls for a celebratory package or two!  Look what came in the post for me today:

Buttons generously gifted from Krispycheks at Nom!Nom!Nom!  Are these little ones adorable, or what??  I think I’ll always wear them together because Noms should always come in triplicate :-)


And the rest of my Valentine from JumbleLove arrived – Ocean Rain soap and perfume from Copper Cauldron, and the most beautiful, romantic poem. {sigh}


I said that I wouldn’t bring any non-essentials into the house until the decluttering was over, but I never said that others couldn’t fill my heart and home with all they want!  :-)

Oh, and I confess that I did break my Thing Fast today by getting a webcam/microphone off of freecycle so that we can see each other when we call JumbleSpouse from Seattle (if the deal goes through…today it’s on shakey ground.  Should know more tomorrow.  Thanks again for all your good wishes!)


8 Responses to “De-thinging Thursday”

  1. shellyfish Says:

    I love the nom nom nom buttons! I don’t know where to put mine, so they’re decorating my sewing area right now. That name – Ocean Rain – it’s so calming.
    Do keep us posted! Webcams are great for kids when you’re apart. A worthy aquisition indeed.

  2. hannah Says:

    nom noms would decorate my fridge.
    you’re getting to be quite efficient at this De-thinging!
    And, gifts especially from dear husbands and loved ones
    don’t count against your de-thinging. I want to know what your perfume smells like :) and is it in ‘ointment’ form (that sounds so unappealing, but I can’t think of a better word at the mo).
    Patience has truly been your task master this last month. **hugs**
    much love to you and your beautiful family.

  3. hannah Says:

    HEE! Ok so that is SO much more appealing that ointment. Who wants to run ointment on their wrists? Balm. a lovely word. It eluded me, but I had a hope you’d come through with the better word.
    :( very sorry to hear about that let down. Though, it relieves the entire question and situation with Max. And seattle isn’t a NEVER, just perhaps a ‘wait a bit longer, then have at it’.

    you need to bake something lucious this week. (I’d bake it for you if I was within arm’s reach)

    my week stank until today. :P

  4. I agree, noms should always come in threes. You are kicking my a** with all your decluttering, I confess that I have given up, it got the better of me this time. At least I made it to 500, so it’s not too bad :)

  5. Maria Rose Says:

    I am impressed by the clean out of the freezer. I have opened that dark abyss several times lately and I become paralyzed with terror and immediately shut the freezer door. It is my cold dark secret.

  6. Maggie Says:

    Those buttons are the cutest things! I’m totally going to try your reverse engineered tissue box too. I diligently buy recycled tissues but they are murder on a sore nose.

  7. jumbleberryjam Says:

    I hadn’t even thought of making a tissue box for USE here at home :-) Good call, Maggie!

  8. krispycheks Says:

    Soap and noms were meant to be together. :)

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