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De-Thinging Thursday 12 February 2009

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Last week’s YTD de-thinged total:  497

First Flower of Spring

First Flower of Spring

It’s been a slow week here in de-thinging land…in part because the calendar challenges weren’t very fruitful, and part because I just wasn’t up for tackling any more than the bare minimum.  The up-side is I broke through the 500 mark!!  And look what else broke through in my garden!

5 February 2009

Calendar says, “Bring back overdue library books or books you borrowed.”

2 books – returned to library/Molly

Daily count:  2

6 February 2009

Calendar says, “Dust and declutter one laundry room shelf.”

We have a laundry closet.  It’s disgusting.  I’ll think about showing you a picture (it’s that gross).


Ok, it was too gross.  I couldn’t do it.  Maybe I’ll try on my free day.

But, I did do weekly frig maintenance

2 fresh food stuffs – given to Angeliki

2 ookie food stuffs – rubbish

Daily count:  4

7 February 2009

Calendar says, “Go through one box…”

Drat!  I knew it would come to this eventually.  Ok, here goes the box that I filled with stuff I couldn’t deal with in the first 9 months of JumbleSon’s life…

1 pile – rubbish

1 pile – recycling

1 pile – fire starter

1 pile – put away

1 pile – research, decide what to do with – freecycle, donate, sell, etc.

1 pile – craft supplies

1 pile – JumbleSon archive

1 pile – office

Daily count:  4 piles that will actually leave my house

8 February 2009

Calendar says, “Savor your meals today.”


9 February 2009

Calendar says, “Dust and get rid of some knicknacks on top of kitchen cabinets.”

Thankfully, we don’t have any. Since I’m currently feeling a bit overwhelmed with life, I think I’ll take it easy again today…

3 maps – to Angeliki

Daily count:  3

10 February 2009

Calendar says, “Declutter the silverware drawer.”

2 sets of bamboo chopsticks – to craft shelf

1 set of broken chopsticks – rubbish

1 set of boring chopsticks – to thrift store

4 baby spoons – to thrift store

Daily count:  6

Candle cabinet - before

Candle cabinet - before

11 February 2009

Calendar says, “Declutter the junk drawer.”

We don’t have a drawer, we have an entire closet!  But, I’m saving that fun for later.  So, today, I’ll go through our candle cabinet…

Candle cabinet - after

Candle cabinet - after

5 glasses for candle making in the future – storage

1 mostly used ugly candle – rubbish

3 cloudy candle glasses – rubbish

5 candle holders – thrift store

1 barely used candle – thrift store

Daily count: 8 items actually leaving my home

Weekly count: 29

Total YTD # De-thinged:  526

How are things with you?


9 Responses to “De-Thinging Thursday”

  1. shellyfish Says:

    I LOVE that flower! Makes me feel springyi I’m always so impressed with you’re de-thinging…and I’m very glad you’re savouring your meals. I do think that’s easy to forget when eating with a toddler…or is it just me?

  2. Your first flower of spring is gorgeous! Another awesome de-thinging week! I hate knicknacks on top of kitchen cabinets, we don’t have any either.

  3. breedermama Says:

    We have a junk basement!

  4. Isil Says:

    I love that gorgeous flower,too!

  5. Shirl Says:

    What a beautiful spring flower! You are managing to declutter a lot more than I did before my move lol … ;0)

  6. Maria Rose Says:

    I am shocked at your de-thinging count. That’s something to celebrate…as long as you don’t celebrate by buying more stuff!

  7. Lotus Says:

    I should have been counting my de-thinging thus far. I never thought about doing that.
    I’m no fan of knickknacks (clutter mania). I came from a house of knickknacks. . . *shudder* I won’t soon forget the dusting chores. :P

  8. Cristy Says:

    Well done!

    I am quite envious of your decluttering bonanza. I have been so keen to declutter this year, but have really struggled to find any spare time in which to do it… All I have managed is to clean out the waredrobe and to get rid of some unwanted books.

  9. Mon Says:

    That flower is amazingly beautiful, what a colour!
    I wanted a pic of your closet. I’m such a voyeur! lol

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