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Vegan Meal Plan Monday 2 February 2009

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Imbolc became my favorite seasonal celebration while living in Seattle where spring was bursting out everywhere by early February.  For the past two Februarys here in Colorado  spring hasn’t really come until May.  This year it’s a little different as we’ve been having a heat wave – in the upper 50’sF many days.  In spite of the relentless sunshine problem, the spring-like days have been a nice surprise.  So, much celebrating here at the Jumblehome this week…

Candlemas MondayShellyfish’s salty Crêpes (and not just because she said that she wuved me on Sweetness & Light Saturday ;-)) with Sunset’s Coffee Mushroom “Cream” Sauce (light on the soy cream) and side of Vegan Dad’s Vegan Bacon.  Any leftover crepe batter will be sweetened with agave nectar and a dash of cointreau then drizzled with ganache for dessert :-).

VBLT Tuesday:  We’ll use the leftover bacon for vegan BLT sandwiches with a side of leftover coffee mushroom cream sauce over fettuccine.

Imbolc Wednesday: (traditionally celebrated on 2 Feb, but the astrological date is today):  Cooking Like a Goddess Irish Soda Bread & VegPantry Creamy Potato-Mushroom Soup

Leftover Thursday

Carry out  Friday

Food and Wine WeekendHappy Vegan Face‘s Super-Stuffed Calzones with Candle Cafe Herbed Tofu Ricotta and Marinara sauce for dipping.

Baked treat of the weekVegPantry Lemon-Rosemary Crumb Cake (although I may use poppyseeds instead of rosemary)


6 Responses to “Vegan Meal Plan Monday”

  1. shellyfish Says:

    I need to try that vegan bacon – and I really want to make Jessy’s calazones… sounds like a delicious week chez toi!

  2. Maria Rose Says:

    Oh yes, you’ve got a great week planned!

  3. jumbleberryjam Says:

    Just had to report in – the vegan bacon RULES! I used 3/4c. + 2T vital wheat gluten instead of a full cup and fried it up until there were crispy edges. Hmmm…may not be enough for leftovers tomorrow!

  4. jumbleberryjam Says:

    Oh, and the smell of the coffee beans steeping in the soy creamer … divine. There’s something very sexy about cooking with coffee beans, me thinks!

  5. oooh vegan bacon, dare I hope????? Happy Spring & Imbolc on Wednesday (or today, actually let’s celebrate it all week) :)

  6. […] you can find all kinds of references to Brigit (or Brighid, Bride, St. Brigid).  As I mentioned on Monday, I have been drawn to her and Candlemas/Imbolc celebrations since my first experiences of early […]

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