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De-Thinging Thursday 22 January 2009

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Last week’s total (ytd):  205

For the most part I’m really happy with the daily decluttering calendar.

I know it’s slow going some days, but it is really helping me stay focused without getting so overwhelmed that I give up.  One tiny task at a time.  That’s the only way I’ll get through this house!

The only thing I wish was different, is I’d love to stay in one room and get it cleared before moving on to another.  I know I could forge my own path here, but the risk that I’d permanently lose my way is too great.  So, for now, I’ll continue jumping from room to room and hope that eventually everything will get covered.

15 January 2009

Calendar says, “Declutter one bathroom drawer or shelf.”

I really only have one more shelf to tackle in the bathroom, so I’m saving that for tomorrow.  In the meantime, I continue my efforts to remove all items from our home that do not belong to us…

3 books/DVDs – mailed to owners

1 huge pile of holiday cards – mailed to St. Jude’s Ranch for Children

Daily count:  4

16 January 2009

Calendar says, “Declutter one bathroom drawer or shelf.”

Last bathroom day – hurray!  I’m happy to report that at this moment, I could ask movers to come in and simply box up everything in the bathroom and take it to the moving van (not that I will be so lucky as to have movers, but it’s fun to day-dream about – which reminds me, must go get quotes on our moving options!!  yippee!!).

1 small bin of ~7 things – rubbish

1 electric razor – Hospice Thrift Store

Daily count:  8

17 January 2009

Calendar says, “Keep a desknote book on your desk so no more sticky notes.”

Wah?  Ok, I’ll go with it.  I have a small calendar that I write stuff in, but I haven’t seen our pile of blank sticky notes in eons (wait, it’s coming…the dread “spare closet de-cluttering”) so it’s not really a temptation.

But, my desk area could use some help, so I’ll work on that today…

1 API Journal – given to Lark

2 Mothering magazines – given to Lark

1 small pile of stuff – rubbish

1 small pile of stuff – recycling

1 baby pouch – Parenting Place

Daily count:  6

18 January 2009

Calendar says, “Practice slowing down today.”

This one made me laugh out loud!  My life is about the slowest it’s ever been.  I’m a total slug.  To celebrate my achievement, I will take a hot bath with a Lush bath bomb that I found during my bathroom clearing.  And, I’ll declutter my corner of JumbleSpouse’s desk…

1 small pile of papers – recycling

1 small pile of stuff – trash

Daily count:  2

19 January 2009

Calendar says, “Picture a serene bedroom.”

I like Feng Shui.  Although I don’t necessarily go for all the styles here, there are some good tips.  Our bedroom always doubles as our library.  One day, I hope to move all those books into an office because all those minds buzzing within the pages do inhibit what little sleep I get!

I wish the calendar author would have stayed in the kitchen a bit longer…I’d like to get the kitchen move-ready (as the bathroom now is).  So, now that I’m done visualizing, I think I’ll work on a few more kitchen shelves…

1 small pile of papers – recycling

2 books – posted to Paperback Book Swap

Daily count:  3

20 January 2009

Calendar says, “15 minute pick up of bedroom.”

1 small pile of dust and stuff – trash/recycling

1 brand new sports cap – eBay

1 baby shirt – returned to owner

10 books – posted for sale

Daily count: 13

21 January 2009

Calendar says, “Take care of a pile of clothes.”

Well, my closet is full of piles of clothes from an earlier de-cluttering binge.  I got as far as making piles to go to Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops, but never managed to get them out of my house.  I’ll see if I can pull it off today…

2 magazines – recycled

Moonbeam inspects the donations

Moonbeam inspects the donations

1 box of ~6 pieces of flannel & 2 wool sweaters – given to Shanti for diaper making :-)

7 sweaters – Hospice Thrift Store

1 bunch of ~25 hangers – Hospice Thrift Store

3 pairs of shoes – Hospice Thrift Store

7 skirts – Hospice Thrift Store

6 pairs of pants – Hospice Thrift Store

40 shirts – Hospice Thrift Store

15 accessories – Hospice Thrift Store

Daily count:  113!!  (and I’m not done with that closet yet…so gross that we have this much excess clothing)

Weekly count:  138

YTD Total # De-thinged: 343

P.S.  The swan bowl will be going up for auction on eBay soon!  Thanks for all of your words of wisdom  :-)


8 Responses to “De-Thinging Thursday”

  1. yay, it’s going really well my dear :)

  2. lotus Says:

    I’m sighing over here on your behalf.
    IT feels so incredible to de-clutter. I can’t describe it, but it does have some kind of physical reaction on the space, emotions, people. Even just walking into the house, one can tell it is de cluttered or organized.
    Something I need to get to because my space does not have that feeling.
    Hurrah for de-cluttering and organizing. And most especially *moving* :)

  3. shellyfish Says:

    Everything being relative, I know, but I’m trying to imagine the size of your closet that it held all those clothes! Don’t forget, I’m in a tiny French-sized apt. Damn!
    Seriously, you are “losing weight” in the most wonderful of ways – do we get to see very zen “after” photos at the end of the year? :)

  4. jumbleberryjam Says:

    It’s disgusting isn’t it, Shelly?? I will try to post pictures of our closet partial-before (since I forgot to do it before I took the 111 pieces of clothes out) and (hopefully an after if the calendar allows) next week.

  5. jumbleberryjam Says:

    It’s disgusting, isn’t it?? I’ll try to post some closet pictures next week :-)

  6. You guys are doing so well with the de-thinging! Bye bye swan bowl! :)

  7. breedermama Says:

    I donated two garbage bags worth of stuff and yet there is still so much else we have no use for cluttering up our space. I am so glad you keep posting your progress, it keeps me motivated!

  8. […] though I de-thinged 113 items from it back in January, it still looks like this: Closet […]

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