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Food and Wine Weekend Review 18 January 2009

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Spice, nice!

Spice, nice!

The only thing sexier than a man in the kitchen is a man who grinds his own spices with a mortar and pestle.

When I decided to make Cafe Flora’s Wild Mushroom Curry this week, I planned to use store-bought curry paste.  In fact, I even bought the paste, but realized after I looked more closely at the recipe that this was a Thai-style curry, not Indian (which is what I bought, and why we won’t be having a side of Naan or the Chickpea muffins as per Vegan Meal Plan Monday).  I had a bit of left-over Thai Kitchen curry paste in the frig, so figured I’d just stretch it.

JumbleSpouse overheard me muttering about my mistake, and said with genuine enthusiasm, “I’ll make red curry paste.”  Are you kidding?  I tried to talk him out if it.  It’s 12 ingredients.  We don’t have a spice grinder.  How will you grind the spices?

He mimes using our mortar and pestle.  Really??  Ok, if you want to take the time.  It will take forever.  But, ever the purest when it comes to food, he wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love this man!

Once the paste was made (and yes, it did take forever), the curry took no time at all.  And

Glorious curry paste (future)

Glorious curry paste (future)

hallelujah! The curry paste recipe makes about 2 cups of paste, so we’ll freeze the extra 8 Tablespoons we didn’t use today in ice cube trays, and have awesome paste on the ready for many future meals.  Did I mention, I love Mr. Jumble?

And wow!  Oh, wow!  I think this could be the best thing we’ve made since Christmas (and the Portobello Wellington, which also came from this cookbook). It’s almost certainly the best Thai dish we’ve

Thai Curry Night

Thai Curry Night

ever made.  We’re happy, happy munchers tonight.  Why? Oh, why? Has it taken me so long to start cooking from this treasury of veg*n happiness??

Oh, yes!  And the wine…well, Estancia Chardonnay is my go-to white (even though it’s a California ;-). I have to admit, though, that I haven’t done the vegan research on this one, so can’t say if it’s completely animal-free :-(.  If anyone has any knowledge on this matter, I’d love to be enlightened.

Also, I can’t offer you my usual 4 star rating, as whites just don’t go well with chocolate and I’ve never met one I’d drink for dinner.  So, perhaps I’ll come up with a different rating system for whites in the future.

Anyway, if you’d like to see some more foodie/winey vegan goodness, go see what Shelleyfish cooked up today at Musings from the Fish Bowl. :-)


6 Responses to “Food and Wine Weekend Review”

  1. jumblespouse Says:

    Must say that this one worked out quite well :)

  2. shellyfish Says:

    Ok, Jumblespouse is a total keeper! I totally agree – any man who grinds his spices in the kitchen is just full of sexy! This sounds so yum – I’ve never made my own curry paste, mostly out of laziness I think. I do need to try it! And thanks for the little shout out!

  3. Oh I’d say your kitchen smelled divine with all those spices, hurrah for Jumblespouse :)

  4. Maria Rose Says:

    Wow, that’s great. My husband likes to chop veggies and make pizza dough, but that’s about it.

  5. lotus Says:

    Thai curry!
    Well. What a delicious day you had together.
    gorgeous photo/colors.

  6. veganlinda Says:

    I can so see him miming the mortar and pestle. :-) You have a great man. I’m inspired. We’ll have to make our own curry paste soon.

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